She who is most Powerful,

 You have been summoned!

Have you ever been told:

You're 'too much' or 'too loud?'

You're 'too bossy' or 'too out there?'

Have you ever felt:

Alone in a world that doesn't understand you and you are ready to emerge whether they get it or not?

You are in the right place!


Dearest Sister, ​

I hear your soul screaming!!!

You are ready to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

So what is stopping you?


  • Maybe due to 5000+ years of conditioning by patriarchy? 

  • Maybe because of the destruction, violence, war, pain and trauma you experience as a woman on this planet at this time?

  • Maybe being told constantly you don't measure up to masculine standards has you frozen?

  • Maybe the fear of persecution from being too wise or outshining the master?

It's not your's your conditioning!



For thousands of years we have been made property, slaves, silenced, beaten and murdered in our own homes by those that supposedly love us the most. This grand scale effort has been to oppress women's power and uphold patriarchal control.

They know who we are and they're scared!

Are you Ready?


To take back YOUR POWER?



It comes from knowing who you are!



If you have been hiding and playing small, I get it, we have been taught to never outshine the master or else. Identifying these tactics, uncovering the truth behind such conditioning, grieving the old narrative, healing our wounds, and then creating a new way forward that serves us and our children, is the work at hand. Through this journey we will unpack all the lies, tricks and trauma that patriarchy played on us and regain our power!



Unleashing Her!

It's time!

What does this mean?

Unleashing Her is an inclusive process for radical empowerment.

A way to decolonize us from patriarchy, break through social conditioning and set ourselves free.

We do it ... Her way.


Our work together will reveal a new path from within you, moving you into every situation with confidence and grace while easily accessing creative solutions for your world, your family, and your community.

We move beyond the dogma, the political, and material 'standards' that have kept us silent, afraid, chained up and falling in line for too long.

We are interested in women's liberation as a vehicle for global transformation. Not as a peak experience or a concept but rather as a living, breathing, path created and anchored through you, as you, to benefit all.

You don’t have to do it alone!

You'll get clear on what you actually want as you shed the layers of programming and marketing that told you weren't good enough.

You'll learn to tap into your intuition and discern between what's real and what has been indoctrinated by oppressive systems both systematically and socially.

You'll discover that magic runs on your sheer electric desires NOT on 'niceness' or self-righteousness.

And from that yearning in your core, the burning, and the aching for something more, you'll answer the call for awakening and be TRANSFORMED!


You will learn how to stand on your own two feet and celebrate the reservoir of strength within you.


What if you could release the stories and limiting beliefs that silence your most honest expression? 



I too, wasn't sure I could get past the limiting beliefs that kept me small. I felt like there was an invincible wall that I couldn't seem to get beyond no matter how much I tried.

But I stayed curious. Stayed close to Her, that inner voice that kept reminding me of my Truth and the creative life force begging for release.

I had ignored Her for so long in favor of my inner misogynist and the overdrive working style of the masculine that I had lost touch with myself, my passions, and what lit me up from the inside.

I was angry. Gave myself kidney stones and appendicitis. My soul was raging and recklessly behaving, sabotaging everything I tried until I surrendered to the process of Unleashing Her.


Slowing down, finding my own rhythm, getting honest with myself and making a commitment to Her above all else, allowed me to connect to geniune possibilities for my life.

"Even though I was one of the strongest women I knew, for so long I felt disabled to express myself authentically."

"I felt choked out, suffocated, my hands bound, my vision I had been put on a leash and made to eat the same bland food. Chained up and held back." 



Somewhere deep within me I knew that what I had to say, my contribution, my vision was important and held great power.​


Somehow, I knew that the wisdom I was being endowed with held great responsibility. I knew I had no choice but to act upon the visions She gave me, to speak up, to be seen, despite feeling like I would be persecuted for it. So I began. Awkwardly. Feeling more exposed, raw, and primal everyday. Secretly knowing that unleashing me was


  Unleashing Her!


"Until all Women and Girls are free, none of us are."

Together we will:

Poke holes in old narratives of patriarchy.

Shed false identities and internalized misogyny.

Grieve the fairy tale stories we were sold.

Re-Claim womanhood, motherhood and Sisterhood.

Learn to assert our needs wants and desires gracefully.

Create action plans for our lives.

Heal our trauma.





You are HER!



In Solidarity!



I grew up in Oregon dancing, cheerleading, practicing martial arts and yoga. Movement is at the core of everything that I do. Engaging the subtle body, bringing to life the soul, and expressing it through dance, song, storytelling, writing, ceremony, and ritual sadhana brings me to life. I am the mother to two boys, a daughter, sister, friend and lover.


My life is my art piece!

 The patterns of staying silent or crying when faced with oppression were deeply ingrained. I dismissed the tradition of being treated less than by those in power for being a woman, until I couldn't anymore. I rebelled against the system hard when this truth hit me. It couldn't be true.

Fighting it didn't serve me but made it more difficult to cope within it. Returning to yoga and meditation in college was the first call home to myself. Developing a daily practice, sadhana, and a relationship with Her, my inner muse, I was shown the ways I was out of alignment and gave me the strength to realign. 


After returning from my 'dark night of the soul' I knew that my life belonged to Her, She who had led me back to the light.


In learning to listen to and allowing Her to move through me, I have encountered great healing and simultaneously developed practices for Unleashing Her from patriarchy's grip. 

This transformation was mostly about slowing down. Taking more time in between.


My daily practice varied and included meditation, chanting mantra, eating well, breathing mindfully, dancing, and yoga. Writing each day helped deepen the connection.


Having this practice and devotion to something bigger than myself offered me the courage to dig myself out of the devastating programming and find my own means of joy.


Working with others through this process and expressing myself through performance art are what keep me going.

I have had the pleasure of practicing and studying with the following teachers which I hold great gratitude for and highly recommend:

Adyashanti -

Snatum Kaur -

Sandra Ingerman -

Karuna -