Let's Do Work

Self-realization leads one to the victory of their journey.

Self inquiry, sadhana, silence and service are the way. 

“Women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness.” 

Erica Jong

Her power,

female power,

is rising!

What part will you play?


Calling on She who is most powerful,

You have been summoned.

We need you!


Oracles, Priestesses, Rebels, Queens, Revolutionaires, Witches, & Shamans this is your time!


The catalysts, the loud, the bold, the brave, take up space!

Advocates for Women and Girls to the front lines.

We need your magic, your art, your voice, your leadership, your joy and your stories.

You deserve this,


Females are NOT commodities.

Females are NOT the pets of patriarchy.

Females do NOT do tricks for treats.

Females will NOT stay silent anymore!

We Liberate Ourselves.

The first step is scheduling a call

to make sure we are a good fit for each other.


This is NOT a sales call, I am not here to convince you of anything you don't already know. I am here to support you if you feel called to Unleash yourself in this way. I trust you know what's best for you!


The support on offer won't always feel good because this work isn't easy. Transformation is painful. I will hold your soul's longings at the forefront of my awareness while we navigate the terrain of your journey. I will also hold up the leashes holding you back so you can cut through them, shred your ego serving stories and slay the limiting beliefs we encounter.​ Ouch!

We change when we are challenged.


You will be challenged and you won't come away from this work unscathed. Like giving birth to anything, it is messy, sometimes bloody, but know that your soul is most deserving of this beautiful life on offer. Unleashing Her, liberating yourself, is the magic the world needs more of. Your presence is the present, the gift, the reason for being. I can't wait to watch you open it!

Unleashing Her: